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Our Know How

Moillard’s Values

  • Quality : A valuable asset in the Burgundian landscape
  • Heritage : The stamp of history on our wines
  • Authenticity : Respect for our terroirs and their specific characteristics
  • Know-How : Handed down since 1850
  • Generosity : The pleasure of sharing a Moillard wine
  • Noble simplicity : A great name accessible to all wine lovers

Our Vineyards

Historically, our estate vineyards are in Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. They are tended by Jacques BRIDAY, a proponent of integrated vinegrowing, meaning that the way each plot is tended is adapted to its real time requirements.

Our vinegrowing methods respect the environment. The harvest date is set for when the grapes reach peak ripeness. Yields are controlled, especially for Pinot Noir, which is quite a fragile grape variety…


« A well cared for vineyard gives good grapes, the sine qua none condition to create great wines »


Jacques Briday

Vineyard Manager

Moillard’s style

Moillard’s style is for rich wines! They are rich in colour and concentrated thanks to skilled extraction. This brings lovely structure and power to the wines, allowing great cellaring potential.

Moillard has always crafted wines of rare finesse and elegance, faithful to Burgundian tradition. The hand we play centres on our terroirs and spotlighting the ‘climats’ that are oh so representative of Burgundy.

Vinification & Maturing

Vinification is by Baptiste Corrot, holder of a Master’s degree in Viticulture-Oenology from the University of Bordeaux. Creating an alliance between respect for generations of skills and know-how at Domaine Moillard and the use of modern equipment, a new winery was created in 2009 in Nuits-Saint-Georges where grapes picked on the greatest terroirs of Côte de Nuits could be brought and vinified.

Equipped with small, open, vats, this winery has been set out to keep the grapes whole before vinification.

After strict sorting, the best berries are taken to the vats in small containers to avoid any unnecessary pumping. Respecting Côte de Nuits tradition, vatting is long. The wines are treated to several days of post-fermentation maceration at 30°C.

The aim is to get wines that are both elegant and powerful, that can age and be enjoyed throughout ageing.

The wines are transferred to barrels by gravity to the old vaulted cellar on site with over 1000 barrels in its ranks. They are cared for by our oenologists throughout their 14 to 20-month maturing. This is how the wines attain their complexity and express the very best of the terroir they hail from.


« The aim is to get wines that are both elegant and powerful, that can age and be enjoyed throughout ageing. »


Baptiste Corrot,


Our wines

With the desire to combine the respect of Domaine Moillard's know-how with the use of modern equipment, a new winery was designed in 2009 in Nuits-Saint-Georges to receive and vinify the grapes harvested from the biggest terroirs of the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune.

Our red wines

Equipped with small open vats, the vat room was designed to respect the integrity of the grapes. After a meticulous sorting, the most perfect grapes are conveyed in small tanks towards the vats in order to avoid any unnecessary pumping. In respect of traditions the maceration is long. The wines benefit from a maceration post-fermentation at 30 ° C for several days.

Our white wines

As soon as they arrive in the winery, the grapes are placed in our pneumatic presses where they are gently pressed. Depending on the appellations, the must then ferments in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats (Chablis, Mâcon) or in oak barrels. Regular stirring allows the fine lees in the wine to be re-suspended to bring aromatic complexity and length to the palate.


"Our white wines are fine and complex, fresh and balanced, they offer a good length on the palate. Our red wines are both elegant and powerful, able to age and be appreciated throughout their aging.”


Baptiste Corrot 


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